Best Productivity Apps for macOS 2023

Best Productivity Apps for macOS 2023

Discover the top productivity apps for macOS in our latest blog post! Streamline your workflow, save time, and boost efficiency with these handpicked applications.

Roman Zipp, September 18th, 2023

This is a curated but not complete list of my favorite productivity apps on macOS. I'm constantly looking for new and interesting tools to try out. As everytime this list does not contain any referal links and is not endorsed by any company mentioned.

1. AnyType

AnyType is like Notion on sterodies - with privacy and security. Notion has been my go-to tool for organizing any strucutred and non-stuctured information which are not specific enough to been designated to a separate app.

My problem was always that I had to split up certain private and sensitive information because Notion is an online-first cloud service without E2EE (which doesn't even support two factor authentication). AnyType in contrast is an offline-first app with a possibility to sync data between devices on your local network with an equal - if not superior - featureset.

Price: free (Open Source)

the everything app for those who celebrate trust & autonomy

Download AnyType

2. TickTick

TickTick is a seamingly simple reminder / ToDo app. The feature that sold me on TickTick (and is not supported by any other app right now) is importing & deleting items from the iOS stock Reminders app which allows me to use Siri for creating tasks.

Price: free ($36/year option)

Download TickTick

3. Raycast

If you find yourself on this blog post, you probably already heard about Raycast. If not: New & hyped alternative to Alfred / built-in Spotlight.

Price: free

Download Raycast

4. Reeder 5

We need to make RSS feeds great again.

Price: $ 9.99

Download Reeder

5. Bike

It seems that 30 bucks is a bit much for a simple outlining app which only supports basic layouting. But Bike allows me to quickly take notes and structure them in a hierarchy which is optimal for my workflow.

When researching topics, all notes firstly land in Bike.

Price: $ 30.00

Download Bike

6. Deliveries

Deliveries is an all-in-one parcel tracking app with support for a unholy amount of shipping providers. You can also forward your shipment notification mails to a provided address for automatic tracking.

Price: 5,49 €/year (or 0,99 €/month)

Download Deliveries

7. Texifier

LaTeX made easy.

Price: 49,99 €

Download Texifier