Streamfinity takes off!

Streamfinity takes off!

Step up your reaction game! Streamfinity connects streamers, creators & communities in an unprecedented manner.

Roman Zipp, June 4th, 2024

A Giant Leap Towards More Fairness & Transparency in the Reaction Game

I’m stoked to announce the official launch of Streamfinity. It’s an innovative platform that connects streamers, video creators, and communities in a way that’s never been done before, making it possible to reveal previously hidden view counts through livestream and video reactions.

Streamfinity offers a bunch of features that provide significant value for streamers, video creators, and viewers alike. For instance, you can track which livestreams are reacting to a YouTube video. Streamers can analyze how individual videos perform in their streams. Plus, with the new Streamfinity Trends, you can see which videos are hot in the livestreams.

These new analytics open up a massive potential for the exploitation of video content by streamers as well as copyright-holding video creators.

But that’s not all. Our core mission is to enable fair and transparent reactions, and for that, clear usage rights are absolutely necessary. To make these easy to manage and communicate to everyone, anyone with a YouTube account on can specify how their published videos can be used in livestreams or other YouTube videos. These so-called Reaction Policies are then played out to all users via the open-source browser extension - the Streamfinity Buddy.

This is a revolutionary step for the entire industry - worldwide.

The Streamfinity Buddy reveals even more potential. With a large number of users, a simple communication platform is created directly on YouTube. Through this, people can write and rate Community Notes for individual videos starting from 01.07. These Community Notes aim to clarify whether a video is spreading so-called fake news, disinformation, or even hate & agitation. All this with the help of a simple explanation, appropriate timestamps, and external sources.

For the future, more exciting features and optimizations are planned. For example, we’re gearing up to track the co-streaming of selected live events. For this, we have an “Event Hub” planned, where event organizers can promote their own event, inform about it, and track the co-streams - and much more.

Streamfinity has become a massive project. In 2022, Roman Zipp and Christian Fassbender started it. Completely independent, with the goal of making the Reaction Game better, more fair, and more transparent for everyone. Over time, we received support from Chris Staufer, Romina Schöner, and Matthias Münzel. No investors, no restrictions. We’re just a group of friends with a vision.

Any questions? Hit us up!

Roman Zipp
Founder & Lead Software Engineer
[email protected]

Christian Fassbender
Founder & Managing Director
[email protected]

Chris Staufer
Co-Founder & Creative Director
[email protected]

Romina Schöner
Head of Campaign Development
[email protected]

Matthias Münzel
Software Engineer
[email protected]