Best Utility Tools & Apps for macOS 2023

Best Utility Tools & Apps for macOS 2023

Upgrade your macOS experience with our top utility apps and tools! From optimization to security, I've got you covered. Maximize your productivity and unleash the full potential of your Mac.

Roman Zipp, June 28th, 2023

Here you go, a short list of my most loved utility apps on macOS.

1. CleanShot X

Price: $ 29.00

CleanShot is a supercharged screenshot utility which adds tons of functionality compared to the built-in macOS screenhot utility. CleanShot can be bought as a one-time payment or used with a $8/mo subscription if you need their cloud service.

Download Cleanshot

2. AirBuddy

AirBuddy is a macOS app that seamlessly connects AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones to your Mac, providing a convenient and efficient way to switch between devices with ease.

Price: 12,99 €

Download AirBuddy

3. Little Snitch

Little Snitch is a powerful macOS app that allows users to monitor and control outgoing network connections, providing an enhanced level of privacy and security by keeping a close eye on all the data leaving their Mac.

Approving an denying ever connection can be a bit tedious but it's worth it to deny apps syping on you or even stop malware to connect to remote servers.

Price: 69,00 €

Download Little Snitch

4. Rectangle

Rectangle is a handy macOS app that enables users to efficiently manage their windows by offering customizable keyboard shortcuts and easy window resizing options, making multitasking and organizing workspaces a breeze.

Price: free + Open Source

Download Rectangle on GitHub

5. ForkLift

I am storing much of my data on a NAS in my home network. Unfortunately, Finder does not work great with SMB shares resuling in long copy times, directories take forever to load and the Finder gets unresponsive regurarily. ForkLift has a much better support for network shares.

Price: $ 19,95

Download ForkLift

6. Easy Move+Resize

Easy Move+Resize is a convenient macOS app that simplifies window management by providing intuitive keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, making it effortless to move and resize windows on your Mac for optimal productivity.

Price: free + Open Source

There is also an alternative app called Hummingbird which has a similar functionality and is originally inspired by Easy Move+Resiize but allows you to move & resize any windows without clicking.

Download Easy Move+Resize on GitHub

7. Linear Mouse

Linear Mouse allows you to modify the scrolling & acceleration preferences of any non-Apple mouse.

Price: free + Open Source

Download Linear Mouse on GitHub

8. Pure Paste

Pure Paste is a utility that cleans the copy+paste stash from any formatting. Allowing you to copy text from any WYSIWYG editor to another without messing up the formatting.

Price: free

Download Pure Paste from the App Store