All FUJIFILM X100 cameras compared + X100VI

All FUJIFILM X100 cameras compared + X100VI

Looking to upgrade your photography game with a high-end, compact camera? Look no further than Fujifilm's X100 series. In this comprehensive blog post, we'll compare and contrast all of the X100 models - from the original X100 to the latest X100VI

Roman Zipp, April 27th, 2023

I recently made the decision to buy a X100 camera in addition to my FUJIFILM X-S10 for an always-carry option. Unfortunately the recent hype around the X100V caused an explosion in prices - also for used cameras.

But which of the FUJIFILM X100 series cameras is the best fit? I watched many YouTube videos and read articles but haven't found any compact comparison chart with all important key facts - so I made one. In this comprehensive blog post, I'll compare and contrast all of the X100 models - from the original X100 to the latest X100V/.


This is by no means a complete feature list - but rather important key facts that were important to me like film simulations, screen size, autofocus systems or sensor types. You can also download this table as PDF.


Here are some accessories I use for my X100S that I actually own and like. Of course, you can buy all items on amazon via the referral link - you know how it goes!

Tiffen GLIMMERGLASS 1 Filter 49mm

The Tiffen Glimmerglass filter adds a kind of cinema-like bloom to your images without being too intruding like the Black Pro-Mist filter. All of my X100S images are taken with the Glimmerglass filter. See GxAce's video on the filter for some great examples.

Currently 64,77 € on Amazon

Haoge LAR-X100W 49mm Adapter Ring

To use any 49mm filter on your Fujifilm X100 series camera you need a adapter ring. Otherwise the lense element will touch the filter glass resulting in an error and possibly damaging your camera in the long run.

Available for only 9,99 € on Amazon

Shutter Button

There is a custom red konkav and konvex shutter button included in this kit.

Currently 7,94 € on Amazon

Thumb Grip

A great advantage of the X100 series is it's compact formfactor - which is also one of its negativ points. You can greatly increase your grip with a custom thumb grip which fits perfectly in the hot shoe.

Available for 7,44 € on Amazon

Hot Shoe Cover

If you feel like a thumb grip is not necessary, a neat hot shoe cover with the "FUJIFILM X" logo can be a great fit. I am rocking this cover item on my X-S10.

Currently 12,08 € on Amazon

Peak Design Leash

Peak Design has undeniably created the best ecosystem of camera carry equipment. The thinnest of their camera straps is a perfect fit for your X100. I'm also carrying a Peak Design Cuff in my backpack.

Available for 52,98 € on Amazon

Apple SD Card to Lightning Adapter (or USB-C)

Unfortunately only the X100T and above ship with built in WiFi so this adapter comes in handy if you want to transfer images to your iPhone.

Currently 35,00 € on Amazon

Charger & Extra Batteries (X100, X100S, X100T)

Currently 35,90 € on Amazon

Screen Protector

Available for 4,99 € on Amazon